Prep Better, Score Better

We tailor individualized ACT Preparation Learning Suites to your student’s academic and motivational needs.



At Apples of Gold Center for Learning, we consider it a privilege to accompany students as they work to improve their ACT score for college entrance and scholarship procurement.

We tailor individualized ACT Preparation Learning Suites to your student’s academic and motivational needs. Our process begins with an hour-long meeting with you and your student to discuss educational history, college application plans, and targeted ACT score. We then craft a schedule (beginning 6 to 8 weeks out from the test date) which gives thoughtful consideration to your student’s scheduling parameters and optimizes the impact of the ACT preparation.

The ACT Preparation Learning Suite includes 16 to 24 hours of private instruction with a licensed teacher or a content specialist with individualized focus on the following items:

  • Actual ACT Practice exams utilized at every session
  • 1 on 1 instruction in each of the five components of the ACT: reading, English, mathematics, science, and writing
  • Error analysis of each missed question with discussion as to how the student came to his or her answer
  • Skill development in math (e.g., trigonometric ratios, irrational numbers, solving ratios) and English (e.g., application of semicolons and colons, use of appropriate transitions, grammatical agreement) as needed
  • Immediate feedback, cognitive guidance, and encouragement
  • Close monitoring and reporting of progress

What will you gain?

Through this tightly customized process, your student can expect to raise his or her ACT composite by two to six points (provided he or she has already taken the assessment once). This increase will help your student gain college acceptance and procure scholarships (if the ACT score is high enough); furthermore, it will boost confidence, improve motivation, and teach valuable study and test-taking strategies to be harvested during the college and professional years.

How do I prepare for my session?

To prepare for each session, your student will complete subject area subtests while adhering to test-like conditions. During each (1-2 hour) session, the instructor will work through the test answers using an error analysis process. This detailed, intensive process allows your student to learn reading and testing strategies, gain understanding of specific skills and content tested on the ACT, and raise his or her awareness with respect to personal testing weaknesses and tendencies.